• Updated Covid 19 Information

    The following link will open the SD60 Communicable Disease Prevention Exposure Control Plan, Version 3 (Updated Dec 31, 2021) SD60 Communicable Disease Prevention Exposure Control Plan Version 3 The following link will open the latest School District 60 COVID 19 Safety Plan – Version 10 – Current as of March 31, 2021 School District 60 […]

  • First Day of School for the 2021-2022 School Year

    The first day of class for the 2021-2022 academic year will be on Tuesday September 7th 2021. Please be sure to check your catchment school for exact times. Websites for individual schools can be found at: https://www.prn.bc.ca/schools/#all Full calendars for School District 60 Peace River North can be found at http://prn.bc.ca/district/district-calendars/ Have a great summer! […]

  • Kindergarten Registration for September 2021

    We are now taking Kindergarten registrations for September 2021 for children who will be five years old by December 31, 2021. Please call the school in your catchment area to schedule an in-person appointment with health and safety protocols or you can register online. Early registration will make sure we can have a spot available […]

  • Thinking About Trying Something New?

    Looking for new activities and classes you can try during spring and summer? Check out what the community has to offer at the Spring Community One Stop happening Saturday March 9 from 10am-2pm at the Totem Mall.

  • North Peace Secondary Wins Gold For Second Straight Year

    North Peace Secondary School is quickly gaining a name as one of the top Robotics programs in the province! Congratulations on repeating as Gold Medalists at the Skills Canada Provincial Competition. The team will be competing in Halifax for the National title on May 28 and 29th.

  • Hello world!

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  • 2015 Handgames Tournament

    This year’s Handgames winners were the students from Upper Pine! Ecole Central got second place. The students had fun participating, and this is what they had to say about the Tournament: What did you like best about the handgames? How there was lots of different games It was fun Seeing familiar faces The Subway food […]

  • Aboriginal Education at the ELC!

    Traveling Museum was held at the Energetic Learning Campus, where students got to experience and learn about Aboriginal Culture. They got to play the traditional Handgames as well. These activities were in time with their Métis unit for Social Studies. Pat Jensen served as a tour guide for a group of ELC students on their […]

  • Enhancement Agreement Celebration

    This event was celebrated in time with National Aboriginal Day. It celebrated Aboriginal culture with performances from Spirit of the Peace Dancers and Drummers. There were also Cultural Stations where the students of Robert Ogilive learned about Hand Games, Hunting and Trapping, and many more.