2015 Handgames Tournament

This year’s Handgames winners were the students from Upper Pine! Ecole Central got second place. The students had fun participating, and this is what they had to say about the Tournament:

What did you like best about the handgames?

  • How there was lots of different games
  • It was fun
  • Seeing familiar faces
  • The Subway food
  • The opportunity to meet new people
  • Trying traditional games

What would you recommend to improve the tournament?

  • Video camera the game just in case if someone cheats
  • More prizes
  • Food (preferably pizza) and hot guys
  • KFC
  • Nothing
  • Primary and secondary tournaments separated

The handgames committee in charge included Amanda Dejarlais, Kerri Kirk, Candace Bigfoot, Diane Barclay and Cory Cooper (not pictured)