FESL Framework



Oct. 31, 2022

District Indigenous Principal Pat Jansen & Director of Instruction Carleen Andrews



We would like to acknowledge we reside on TSAA? ÇHÉ NE DANE, within Treaty 8 territory. 

Our “Indigenous Education Advisory Council” members are representatives from the following education right-holders; three surrounding communities; Doig First Nation, Blueberry First Nation, Halfway First Nation; Fort St. John Friendship Society, Fort St. John Métis Society, North East Native Advancing Society, Nenan Dane Zaa Deh Zona Family Services Society, Treaty 8 Tribal Association, Métis ISETP, Fort St John Metis Society; Northern Lights College; student representatives, parent representatives, elder representatives, School District No 60 Superintendent and/or Director of Instruction, The second Enhancement Agreement (EA) 2016-2021 was developed, and will be implemented, with the guidance and approval of the [Indigenous] Aboriginal Education Advisory Council (AEAC) and the former communities with the vision and spirit of continuously improved Indigenous students educational outcomes, and achieving equity for all Indigenous students within our school district.  


The Enhancement Agreement goal is to have all Aboriginal students graduate to pursue their passions, interests and reach their fullest potential.


EA Guiding Principles 

Creator, we give thanks for the day, our children, Mother Earth, and all the good things you have provided.  May we honor our children so they can learn to believe in themselves and live out their dreams as they travel their journey in life.  Give us the wisdom to respect and support the spirit of our children. 


  • We have developed the last Enhancement Agreement  with the spirit of our children in mind.  Our goal for the youth is to identify and enhance their strengths.
  • Sense of Belonging, honoring the spirit of every child.  Acknowledgement of the emotional needs of students.
  • We acknowledge the Elders and those who have experienced residential schools – we honor you.
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