Students Presenting their Art at the Treaty 8 Youth and Elders forum. Art with Alex Janvier–1 of the Aboriginal 7.

Ignite Our Spirits

Ignite Our Spirits featured Teddy Anderson, an internationally-known hoop dancer. He has performed in many different countries. In addition to being a hoop dancer, he is also a motivational speaker. Other talents showcased were the Spirit of the Peace dancers, the hip-hop group Legacy One, Metis entertainer Bev Lambert, and many more.  

2015 Handgames Tournament

This year’s Handgames winners were the students from Upper Pine! Ecole Central got second place. The students had fun participating, and this is what they had to say about the Tournament: What did you like best about the handgames? How there was lots of different games It was fun Seeing familiar faces The Subway food […]

Aboriginal Education at the ELC!

Traveling Museum was held at the Energetic Learning Campus, where students got to experience and learn about Aboriginal Culture. They got to play the traditional Handgames as well. These activities were in time with their Métis unit for Social Studies. Pat Jensen served as a tour guide for a group of ELC students on their […]

Enhancement Agreement Celebration

This event was celebrated in time with National Aboriginal Day. It celebrated Aboriginal culture with performances from Spirit of the Peace Dancers and Drummers. There were also Cultural Stations where the students of Robert Ogilive learned about Hand Games, Hunting and Trapping, and many more.

Doig Day 2016

This year’s  Doig Day saw over 450 grade four students, volunteers and community members all coming together for another successful year of learning about the Aboriginal culture in Doig River.  The weather turned out nice for this event, some of the activities included bannock making, tanning hides, traditional plants, archaeological dig and wrapping it all […]

Past Events

June 2016 June 21 – Enhancement Agreement Celebration at the AEC June 9 – NPSS Biology 11 and 12 classes learn about Charlie Lake Cave, Traditional Plants and Aboriginal history May 2016 May 26 – Doig Day Celebration at the Doig River May 13-14 – Network of Inquiry and Innovation Presentation May 9 – Inspire […]

Orange Shirt Day

On September 30th students and staff of School District 60 honoured the children and families that were affected by residential schools. This day has been designated as Orange Shirt Day as it was historically the month that children were removed from their homes and forced to attend residential schools. In most cases, the children would […]